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Black Sabbath reincarnated at Berns

February 3, 2010

The Dear Jean Journal attended the Wolfmother gig Monday night, February 1st, at Berns Salonger in Stockholm. Despite of highly set expectations, I was truly blown away. Here comes this old school rock n roll band from Sydney, Australia, with flawless seventies looks and a perfect Black Sabbath sound you could only dream about in 2010. Not only is Wolfmother the coolest band name in present time, they produce the best seventies rock n roll sound since … well, since the seventies.

Sure, the metal clichés are present at all time. However, it’s pretty much impossible not to surrender to this band. Wolfmother is more or less flowing over of enthusiasm and the sound is rich, wild and heavy. The self entitled debut album from 2005 borrowed covetously from metal pioneers as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer. Composer, singer and lead guitarist Andrew Stockdale was born in the mid seventies, yet he sounds like he was there in that time, side by side with these giants. One can imagine the Tony Iommi posters on the childhood walls.

Wolfmother live is at its best when letting the progressive rock getting out of control, leaving you with the perfect combination of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. The songs often spin out into long breaks and solos, making the simple three-chord rock n roll into somewhat sophisticated but yet psychedelic jam sessions.

However, it’s not always for the better. The solos are never uninspired but occasionally they leave you hoping for something more. And some sessions may have been a bit too long to keep the interest at a constant high level. Nevertheless, the frenetic sound is very effective and the contact with the audience is intense at all time. Wolfmother at Berns the other night could very well be the best live experience of this year…