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Grattis Göteborg!

March 18, 2010

Fashion and lifestyle boutique Grandpa is about to broaden its market. After a few successful years in Stockholm the Grandpa crew now takes Gothenburg on.

Dear Jean is especially happy about Grandpa opening up in Sweden’s second city since this does not only mean that Gothenburg hipsters have a new fashion Mecca. It also means that Dear Jean Guitar Clothing now will be available in Gothenburg! The latter is obviously a big relief for fashionable guitar players all over the Swedish west coast.

Apart from Dear Jean Guitar Clothing, you’ll find brands as Uniforms for the dedicated, WoodWood, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, BillyandI, DAGMAR, Rodebjer among many others. And in addition, the boutique will display a generous variety of second hand clothes, second hand furniture and interior design.

No pictures from the boutique are as far as we know of available yet. However, you’ll find Grandpa and Dear Jean Guitar Clothing at Vallgatan 3. Grand opening March 26th, don’t miss it.

Norweigan love affair

February 12, 2010

We know that Norweigan singer-songwriter Ane Brun already uses the Dear Jean gig bag. Soon Norweigan pop artist skOOm does too…;

“I just paid for your magnificent gig bag (which looks absolutely fabulous!! Finally someone understands you need fashion for your guitar as a rockstar..) :-)”

– skOOm –

Dear Jean interview with Daniel Gilbert

January 17, 2010

Hi Daniel,

New African Sports, Soul Café Club No #1 is your solo debut after many years as an established musician. What took you so long?

I guess I never felt that burning need for sharing my music, it only served as something for my own pleasure… A kind of a vent. The fact that it’s now out for public inspection came out of a sudden window of opportunity. Instead of dealing metal t-shirts last summer I took the time to shut the band and myself away …

When listening to New African Sports, Soul Café Club No #1 we sense influences from Velvet Underground, Johnny Thunders, Pixies and Television. What artists have inspired you to become the guitarist and composer that you are today?

There are many sources of inspiration, not necessarily only musicians. I love people like Klaus Kinski and some of the parts played by De Niro can be just as inspiring as Pretty Things, or even more… However, artists that have followed me through life are for example Bob Dylan, Mr Cash, 22 Pistepirrko, Spacemen 3, Oscar Peterson, Chet Baker, Glen Campbell, Afghan Whigs, The Jesus & Mary Chain among others….

Your nickname is Hurricane and Hurricane Gilbert struck, as we all know, with tremendous force upon Jamaica. Has the Jamaican music tradition been an equally hard-hitting influence and source of inspiration for you?

Oh, The Congos, Linton Kwesi, Toots And The Maytals…. There is so much music from that island that I’ve dug into…

When listening to early Broder Daniel, Augustifamiljen or Håkan Hellström, we’re struck by the fact that what mostly characterizes the sound is your guitar. Can you feel that that sound is yours?

Hahahaha. I can’t say that anything on Earth is mine, apart from my own feelings. If my guitar playing has set the colour of any band that I’ve played in, I take it as a wonderful compliment, however I’m not sure that I can agree on this!

Your characteristic sound often makes us think of Tom Verlaine. Do you consider it a strength having a clear identity as a guitar player, like for example Verlaine? Or is there a risk of painting yourself into a corner?

Not a day passed for several years without me thinking of the greatness of Television. For me, the creative expression has always been the most interesting in music, not technical finesse nor skills… I have never had the discipline to practise enough to become a fast or technical guitarist but that has never been a goal of mine, I’d rather preserve my own expression! All guitar players that I admire have their own sound, you can right away identify if it’s J. Mascis, Richard Lloyd, Blixa Bargeld, Django or Chet Atkins (not that I’m in any way comparing myself to any of them).

What does your process of composing look like?

The songs always used to come to me. I used to be playing around and all of a sudden an idea was formed to a riff or a chord composition and I continued building from there.
Only the last couple of years I’ve started with an idea of a whole song and then tried to put that thought together to a song, which to my surprise works…
One shouldn’t present a situation being worse than it really is but soon I’ll probably write the lyrics first and then the music to it…. Hahahaha!

We sense a streak of punk in your music? Do you agree on this?

Punk has, if possible, played a bigger part than rockabilly in my life. Nevertheless, I didn’t fall for the British punk wave (THE CLASH excepted!) as I did for the American punk scene with Hell & Voioids, Ramones and acts like that.

Håkan Hellström often calls attention to his love towards the Swedish folk song tradition, something that is kind of unusual in pop music. Do you keep it as close to your heart as he does?

Swedish folk obviously is a part of our growth, both my and Håkan’s parents are a bit too old for Beatles, Stones and Elvis so there were instead a lot of folk songs in our homes. However, I consider jazz to be a more important foundation of mine.

Music artists who are given attention in the media, are often the ones that have been produced by the TV industry, therefore cast in the same mould. Can you see that uncompromising art has a natural place in an increasingly commercialized society where, in addition, copyright is challenged by modern technology?

Good Lord, you could write an essay on this topic, but briefly, I believe that the only consistent art is art being allowed to be uncompromising and unique. Conformity will extinguish itself by the fact that there is so much of it. Like comparing gravel with diamonds!
I certainly hope that I’m right on this because I have never managed to identify myself with mainstream culture. It has always been alternative music that meant something to me, and that identification has made me who I am.

What are your expectations on the response on your debut album?

I haven’t dared to set any specific expectations on this album, I’m happy if a handful of people listen to it and appreciate it.
But I am bloody keen on going on the road playing so therefore I hope it will be well received! We’re right now rehearsing for the spring tour and obviously we want to visit as many big cities as one-horse towns as possible, if we’re allowed to.
It would be great touring outside Scandinavia in somewhat faraway countries, this being something I haven’t done yet!

Finally, would you mind picking four or five songs for the Dear Jean Spotify playlist that you feel represent uncompromising art and the love of music, we’d be very grateful?

The Blank Generation, Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Tangled Up In Blue, Bob Dylan
Golden Age, Union Carbide Productions
My Love Has Gone, Josh Rouse
Love Kills, Radio Birdman

Thank you, Daniel.

Great questions! I enjoyed answering them. And thank you for the gig bag, I use it on the daily walk to the rehearsal studio.

Regards, D.

Daniel Gilbert plays at Debaser Medis in Stockholm January 23rd 2010. Solo debut New African Sports, Soul Café Club No #1 was released December 26th 2009. You’ll find Daniel Gilbert at MySpace.

Unfortunately, Spotify has yet to add some of Daniel’s suggestions for our playlist. The playlist is to be found here.

Kramer Forum reviews Dear Jean

January 15, 2010

Kramer Guitars, American manufacturer of electric guitars and basses, was one of the most popular guitar brands of the 1980s. Kramer guitars were considered as prestige instruments and were endorsed by some of the hottest musicians of the day, including childhood heroes of ours as Eddie Van Halen and Mick Mars.

Kramer Guitars is currently a division of Gibson Guitar Corporation.

The Kramer Forum now has reviewed the Dear Jean gig bag and we are happy to find out that our Guitar Clothing seems to be much appreciated overseas.

The review rounds up with “… this is a high end, boutique leather gig bag, and I feel lucky to own it. It’s an interesting concept and looks very cool. Because it’s a leather bag, I know it will last a lifetime and only continue getting softer. The only fault I could find with it is the very snug fit. This is done by design though, and the bag basically stretches to fit a standard dreadnought guitar. I recommend you go out and buy one!

For full gig bag review, additional pictures and Dear Jean sweet talking, please visit the Kramer Forum.

Long live The King!

January 8, 2010

Elvis Presley fans worldwide are marking what would have been the King’s 75th birthday today. Dear Jean lines up and hails The King of Rock n Roll, not only for giving us the perfect combination of gospel, rockabilly, blues, r&b, country and pop, but for breaking down the boundaries between black and white music.

With this effort in mind, Elvis has obviously made an impact on Dear Jean. Moreover, he has given inspiration to our white gig bag model…

Happy birthday, Elvis. Thanks. For everything!

Dear Jean in lifestyle boutique Grandpa

December 21, 2009

Dear Jean Guitar Clothing is available in our online shop. Whenever an order is placed, we do not only handle and ship it instantly, we always try to add something extra to it. An extra treat so that you can feel that you are someone extra to us. Because that is what you are.

For those of you who wish to examine the quality, color and size of the gig bag in real life, Dear Jean is right now in contact with a few global selling agents. Hopefully you’ll soon have a retailer close to you. Today, the Dear Jean Guitar Clothing Collection is available at fashion and lifestyle boutique Grandpa in Södermalm and Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

Our gig bags are however not the only reason for visiting the Grandpa boutiques, when being some of the most interesting lifestyle spots in Sweden. Every item in the Grandpa supply is carefully selected and always presented with a personal and loving touch.

Dear Jean ♥ Grandpa.

Grand opening

December 9, 2009

November 30th, we launched the new Dear Jean website, And today, the world witnesses the humble premiere of the Dear Jean Journal.

The Dear Jean Journal will give you news and updates on Dear Jean Guitar Clothing. In addition, the journal will embrace what lies close to the Dear Jean core idea; uncompromising art and the ability to think independently, whatever it may be.

We take farewell of the old web site…

…and welcome the new look of Dear Jean.

For futher info on Dear Jean, is now available.