Grattis Göteborg!

Fashion and lifestyle boutique Grandpa is about to broaden its market. After a few successful years in Stockholm the Grandpa crew now takes Gothenburg on.

Dear Jean is especially happy about Grandpa opening up in Sweden’s second city since this does not only mean that Gothenburg hipsters have a new fashion Mecca. It also means that Dear Jean Guitar Clothing now will be available in Gothenburg! The latter is obviously a big relief for fashionable guitar players all over the Swedish west coast.

Apart from Dear Jean Guitar Clothing, you’ll find brands as Uniforms for the dedicated, WoodWood, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, BillyandI, DAGMAR, Rodebjer among many others. And in addition, the boutique will display a generous variety of second hand clothes, second hand furniture and interior design.

No pictures from the boutique are as far as we know of available yet. However, you’ll find Grandpa and Dear Jean Guitar Clothing at Vallgatan 3. Grand opening March 26th, don’t miss it.

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One Response to “Grattis Göteborg!”

  1. Luxembourg Says:

    This bag is pretty good, the padding is heavy enough to protect the guitar as much as you’d hope a gig bag could, the shoulder straps seem solid and are easily adjustable, the handle is comfortable and soft but sturdy, and the inside has a velcro strap that goes over the neck near the headstock to hold the guitar more securely in the bag. My only qualm with this bag is that the description says that there are 2 pockets, but the bag only has 1.

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